Cotton farmer boosts farm efficiency through solar

For St George cotton grower, Ian Brimblecombe, going solar was a “good deal” that just made sense.

The Burgorah farmer is a part of the Flow on benefits of Microgrids project led by the Queensland Farmers’ Federation and Cotton Australia which is working to consider whether microgrids can offer benefits to agricultural electricity consumers. First starting in 2020, the two year project has installed more than 50 smart energy meters to measure and model how microgrids can offer benefits to agricultural production.

Mr Brinmblecombe’s property is on of a select few locations chosen for the project. He said his dream is to have enough solar to run his whole operation.

Each of us burn fossil fuels in our own way and each of us have to stop doing that as quickly as we can and come up with other ways of getting power for what we need.

Watch Ian’s journey, below:

Ian is just one of thousands of Aussie farmers doing their bit reduce the effects of climate change on their farms.

For more information on the incredible work being done by Australian farmers, across the country, head to Australian Farms: where REAL climate action happens.

Maddison Langley

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