New resources give kids full-farm experience

Bringing the paddock to classroom play, the Kids to Farm program has already built a popular following among schools across NSW, with it’s ability to connect children with where their food and fibre comes from, first hand. Now, it’s looking to bring the real thing into the classroom, releasing a series of ‘Ag Packs’

The future of ag science: students learn about soil health in new Kids to Farms Ag Packs
Image: Megan Rutherford

The new ‘Ag Packs’ are available for free to all NSW Primary schools, and contain everything needed to run several experiments or activities, including pots, seeds, and soil samples. All ages are catered for with different levels of difficulty and grades. Each pack is curriculum-linked and comes with student workbooks and a teacher guide. All you need to supply is curiosity and a sense of fun!

With many farm excursions off the cards in the current COVID-19 climate, these new, hands-on resources will help children explore agriculture through key topics such as soil health and growing produce, as near to the real experience as possible. Keeping kids busy during term 4.

With on-farm excursions off the cards, these hands-on Ag Packs will keep kids engaged
Image: Megan Rutherford

For many children, their first interaction with agriculture is in the classroom. Making the ongoing delivery of the Kids to Farm program central to ensuring young Australians are connected to where their food comes from.

“We know that 59 per cent of students learn what they know about food and fibre production from their teachers,” NSW Farmers President James Jackson said. 

More than half of school students learn about food and fibre production in the classroom
Image: Megan Rutherford

We cannot underestimate the importance of our primary teachers in supporting our kids to engage with the agriculture industry

Through the program – and newly released resources – children from urban Australia will be able to experience the joys of agriculture – something they may not have experienced outside of the school setting.

Outdoor learning: The program includes resources for growing vegetables
Image: Megan Rutherford

“Whether a child is in the middle of Sydney or up on the far north coast, they will be able to get a hands-on look at how farmers feed and clothe the nation,” said NSW Farmers President James Jackson.

For more information about the program (or to order your pack today!) head to Kids to Farms.

Maddison Langley

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