Western Australian farmers’ legen’dairy’ shop local initiative

Many Australians make a conscious effort to shop and support local when browsing supermarket shelves.

Not only is it a great way to support Aussie farmers, but, it’s also the best way to ensure you’re consuming the best product possible.

If you’re a West Australian, you may already be familiar with WAFarmers’ farmer support incentive – in the shape of milk and eggs available to buy in stores.

First established in 2014, WAFarmersFirst was a way for the state’s agricultural advocacy body ‘to help secure the future of the State’s dairy and egg farmers’.

Forty cents from the sale of every 2-litre milk container and dozen eggs carton goes back to ag industries, giving Western Australian consumers a real and valuable way to support local industry. Supporting projects, training and industry diversification, funding innovative projects and people to help improve the productivity, profitability, performance, business growth and diversity of the WA supply chain.

The milk cartons received a rebrand in 2020, now showcasing WAFarmes’ Jessica Wallace

With approximately 145 dairy farms, Western Australia produces around 337 million litres of milk per annum, contributing four percent of Australia’s total milk production! WAFarmersFirst is, in fact, one of a very small number of wholly WA-owned milk brands.

In mid-2020 after a brief hiatus, products were put back onto shelves (with a new rebrand) after initial concern during the early stages of the COVID pandemic that supply chains would be disrupted.

The rebrand features WAFarmers’ executive manager policy, advocacy and engagement, Jessica Wallace, as the face of the product.

She said the brand is a great way for consumers out there who want to help local farmers and the industry but are unsure of how to do so.

For more information, including where you can buy your WAFarmersFirst milk & eggs, click here.

Maddison Langley

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